Healthy Water

The surface of our planet is also about 71% water. On average, our bodies contain 70% water. Our body is built of cells. Water is the solvent and the condition for biochemical transformations in the system of the cell. Water plays a role not only in chemical transformations. It is essential for photosynthesis and also plays a role in cellular respiration. It protects our organism from the effects of exothermic and endothermic processes by its ability to balance temperature.

It is interesting to note that as a newborn baby, our body water content is 80%. By middle age, this decreases to 60%, and by old age, it is only 45%. It is due to tissue atrophy over the years. Water decrease leads to a loss of function in muscles, bones, and organs. It is a natural process, but few and poor-quality water cannot delay atrophy. However, by providing the right proportion and quality of water for the body, we can slow down the process of dehydration.
The most common symptoms that show upset water balance:
Headache, fatigue, memory problems, concentration problems, dry skin, dry tongue, dry mouth mucosa, but a decrease in the amount of urine, darkening of its color, intensification of its smell is also strong warnings from the body.

There are many reasons why our bodies cannot absorb drinking water properly. Often, even if we drink enough, we still develop abnormalities. There may also be qualitative reasons for this. Unfortunately, drinking water is purified by chemical processes. That changes its quality and takes it further and further away from clean water. Some places cannot purify tap water properly, and others use chlorine in huge quantities that are harmful to cells even in the short term. It mainly damages the lungs and mucous membranes.

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