Integral Astrology

Know Thyself” Temple of Apollo, Delphi


Integral Astrology means a combination of the well-known astrology with Hebrew Astrology, Traditional Astrology, Numerology, and Hungarian shamanic knowledge. All roads lead to the original well. With the help of Integral Astrology, we are sure to find where we have lost the connection with our soul. The center of the horoscope shows the wished unity. Every heavenly body around the center shows both our challenges and our potentials. It is important to know what imprints we have made on ourselves since birth. We need to follow the messages of our soul to walk the path of consciousness. We learn to love, as this is the meaning of our being. We are not born to suffer but to live our desires. Problems show us where we need to learn, and successes show us where we need to go. If we do not know ourselves, we often do not know where to start. The most important step to development is to know what we were born to do. 

We all have the 12 horoscope signs, but there is some area where there are strengths and challenges for ourselves for this life. Each planet colors the personality in the different astrological houses.

I do not make a prediction. The prediction is not the target of destiny analysis. Destiny analysis shows us where to look for a way to exist in unity. It is a way to examine the imprints we carry within us. It reveals the blocks of past life and this life. 


Birth Chart Reading – in person session- $177

Brith Chart Reading – written format (30-35 pages) $227

Solar (yearly) Reading – $177

Sinastria – Relationship Astrology – $222

Time of birth specification (if the exact time of birth is unknown) $88-111

Yantra – Magic Square Numerology – $59

Each analysis is unique. All analyzes require pre-consultation by email or text.