Access Bars

Access Bars Technique is a blockages release therapy that helps you release old patterns. Bars store imprints of past feelings, thoughts, and experiences.
During the treatment, I gently touch 32 points on the head. The technique will help you to initiate changes and feel free and relaxed. The duration of the treatment varies, as we are not always in the same state and are not equally receptive. It is a very gentle, subtle technique to achieve unity.

Jeffrey L Fannin Ph.D. Neuroscientist-Brain Performance Expert has researched this topic.
Watch the video here


  • Access Bars treatment reduces fear, anxiety, and stress.
  • Excellent for helping with sleep problems and improving sleep quality.
  • Positively affects people with attention disorders, increases the ability to focus.
  • As an anxiety reducer, it is also useful before exams and important events.
  • It releases energetic obstruction that hinders our success in many areas of life.
  • It can enhance conscious creative abilities.
  • It makes it easier to embrace joy.
  • The client feels a sense of lightness and complete calmness and equilibrium as a result of the treatment.

Price: $ 95 / Session at Coquitlam – Wellness Center

3 or 5 sessions packages are also available, after the first assessment.